5 Types Of Friends Every Mom Needs

There’s a reason we frequently refer to motherhood as the perfect combination of the most impressive circus act that has ever existed and continuous proof that superheroes are real. No matter what challenges a mom is presented with, somehow she gets everything done with love and grace. Even on the longest days moms can make motherhood look easy. However, it doesn’t take long to find out that moms can’t do this whole parenting thing alone. Here are five types of friends every mom will need along the way.

The seasoned mom
The seasoned mom is the friend who has kids that are older than yours, and she’s been killing this whole motherhood thing for some time now. Every mom needs this kind of friend because she’s been where you are before, and she’s familiar with the ins and outs of motherhood. She knows how to give the best advice on everything from dealing with potty training issues to the mother-child conflicts you’ll eventually have down the line. The seasoned mom is your constant reminder that no matter how hectic your days become, motherhood is in fact survivable.   

The rookie mom
Maybe she just had a baby, or perhaps her child is only a little younger than yours. Either way, the rookie mom is the friend every mom needs who is one step behind you on this motherhood journey. When she has her toughest days, you’re the one she calls, and you find yourself giving her the advice you needed when you were in her shoes. This friend is the one that makes you feel like maybe you’re doing motherhood right after all.

The laidback mom 
Sometimes, being a mom can get so chaotic that all you really need is to be reminded that it’s okay not to take everything so seriously. The laidback mom is the friend you can always count on to do just that. When you’re juggling diaper changes and naps times, it’s easy to get worked up and stressed out over the small things. Keep this friend close to offer you a little perspective when you feel like you’re about to lose your mind.

The mom who just gets it
This is the friend you may or may not share a wavelength with. Whenever the two of you get together, you always feel understood because it seems like you’re both going through the same stages of motherhood together. Whether you need someone to rant to, someone to keep you grounded or someone to cheer you up, this friend is always just a phone call away.

The friend who’s not a mom
In the world of motherhood, it can be easy to forget who you were and what you did for fun before you had another miniature human to take care of all the time. This friend is the one who is always there to remind you that sometimes it’s totally okay to leave the baby at home and enjoy a girl’s night out. The friend who’s not a mom comes in handy when you’re in serious need of social activity that takes place after bedtime.

Being a mom isn’t always easy, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Keep these friends around to help you navigate the ups and downs of motherhood.

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