The Story of Rabbit Skip Road

In March of 2017, while traveling on a flight with Vivian, my then 4-month-old, I had a terrible experience trying to change her diaper in a tiny airplane bathroom. Viv was wearing the staple snapped footed onesie. She was wiggley, it was hot, I was frustrated and by the end we were both crying. No matter how hard I tried to put her onesie back on, I could not get the snaps to line up. At some point during this hot mess, I thought to myself, whoever designed this onesie has never changed a diaper. This had to be easier. And then, an idea was born--a really great one.

After that flight, I started to pay closer attention to babywear. I could not get the idea of redesigning the classic onesie out of my head. After months of thinking & overthinking, I quietly got to work. My goal was to design a suit that made changing easier. That meant the snaps HAD to go-- a two-way zipper was the answer. Both my girls lived in footed onesies and at some point I even started cutting out the feet to get a couple more wears (we all know how fast they grow!). A convertible sock that could be worn open or closed solved that dilemma. The jumpsuit had to be cozy enough to sleep in but cute enough to run errands in, kind of like my favorite yoga pants. That meant no itchy tags or seams, organic fabric with just the right amount of stretch and super cute prints.

It took 23 months of really hard work, 14 prototypes, 2 US manufacturers, lots of coffee and a village of friends, family and mommas cheering me on. I’m very excited to share that today Rabbit Skip Road babywear was born!

No frills. No fuss. From one busy parent to another.