5 Ways to Deal With Morning Sickness

Pregnancy is one of life’s most beautiful journey’s, but that doesn’t mean these 9 months are all rainbows and butterflies. In fact, pregnancy is different for everyone, and each pregnancy comes with its own set of challenges. From swollen feet to stretch marks to back pains, pregnancy can have a handful of less-than-fun side effects, and morning sickness is just one of the most common bumps along the road. Nausea is no fun, but follow these five tips to deal with morning sickness like the real superhuman you are.

Eat right before bed and right when you wake up
Try to eat a protein-rich snack right before you go to bed and right when you wake up in the morning. Eating right before bed can help stabilize blood sugar levels throughout the night, while eating first thing in the morning can ward off symptoms of nausea when you wake up.

Drink a lot of water
Staying hydrated is important for good health whether you’re pregnant or not. However, dehydration can make morning sickness ten times worse. Drink small amounts of water throughout the day to stay hydrated and avoid that dreaded nausea feeling.

Eat small meals frequently
Eat multiple small meals as opposed to 3 larger meals a day to decrease your chances of vomiting. Smaller, more frequent meals keep food in your stomach and can lessen the presence of nausea. When your tummy is empty, the stomach acids have nothing to break down except your stomach lining, which can increase vomiting. On the other hand, however, eating too much at one time can cause serious digestive issues. Eating smaller meals more frequently keeps your stomach full at all times of the day without disrupting your digestive tract.

Indulge in your cravings
We know it's important to fill up on healthy foods during this nine-month period, but we also know that pregnancy cravings are no joke. Lucky for you, we’re giving you complete permission to go ahead and give into whatever is making your mouth water during pregnancy as long as you do so in moderation. If you ignore your cravings, chances are you will overdo it the next time, which can make nausea and vomiting even worse.

Sniff a fresh scent
Whether it’s the smell of a garbage truck passing you on your morning walk or a strange combination of lunch smells in the office kitchen, sometimes just a whiff of a certain scent can induce nausea. Try sniffing fresh scents, like lemon, lavender or rosemary, when you feel the vomiting coming on.

While morning sickness might not be completely avoidable, following these five tips can decrease the intensity and the frequency of vomiting or nausea.

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