7 Ways Moms Prove Superheroes Are Real

Not all heroes wear capes. In fact, most heroes just wear whatever clean clothes are on top of the folded laundry stack and throw a diaper bag over their shoulders instead of a cape. Moms go about their life disguising their superhuman capabilities as nothing more than motherhood duties completed out of love. In reality, moms truly have superpowers that help them accomplish their mission one day after the next. Here are seven ways moms prove superheroes are real.

Moms have superhuman strength
For starters, moms can withstand an immense amount of pain that not just any human can bear. Surviving childbirth in itself is the only proof of superhuman strength that moms will ever need. However, moms continue to prove their superhero capabilities with the strength they carry into each day going forward.

Moms can do multiple things at one time
Motherhood in its very simplest form is essentially doing a million things at one time. Between running errands, responding to emails, nursing a newborn and changing diapers, “downtime” is astonishingly rare in motherhood. Moms are professional, uncomplaining multitaskers, which is more than enough reason to qualify them for superhuman status in our book.

Moms have eyes in the back of their heads
Even when they’re not looking, it’s as if moms are always watching. Motherhood equips moms with a second set of eyes, so she can cook dinner and still tell when her kids are misbehaving behind her. Getting away with things isn’t easy when your mom has eyes in the back of her head.

Moms can read minds
Motherhood gives moms a gut instinct that gives them the ability to always tell what their kids are thinking even when they don’t say it. Moms know the difference between their newborn’s cranky, hungry cry and the sleepy, tired one. More than anything, moms have a superhuman intuition that gives them the wisdom to always know what’s best for their baby.

Moms are prepared for any disaster
Explosive dirty diaper? Fussy baby in the middle of a grocery store? Fear not––moms have a solution for that. Motherhood not only teaches moms how to handle a disaster, but they quickly learn to expect messes in the car and tantrums in the parking lot. Moms are always more prepared for the next disaster than they were for the last one.

Moms have injury-healing powers
No one can make a scraped knee or bruised elbow feel better like a mom can. Moms have superhuman, injury-healing powers that make any boo-boo feel better with a kiss. Suddenly, a skinned knee doesn’t seem so bad––it’s like magic!

Moms fly to the rescue
Whether they’re delivering a forgotten lunch, giving a hug after a long day or rocking a fussy baby to sleep, moms are always flying to the rescue and saving the day. A mom’s daily selfless acts of love truly save the day in a way that no one else can, which makes her the ultimate superhero.  

So there you have it––moms truly are living proof that superheroes are real.

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