8 Thoughts Women Have During Childbirth

Nine months of pregnant thoughts, cravings and mood swings all come to an end with the grand finale. And yes, when we say “grand finale,” we mean childbirth. Nine months may be enough time to prepare the nursery, pack the hospital bag and get all of your rabbits in a row for your newborn, but there is no way to prepare for the thoughts that race through your mind during delivery. Here are 8 thoughts women have during childbirth.

“I don’t want anyone in this room”
When you first get to your labor and delivery room, your nerves may be on edge, your heart may be racing and the last thing you may want is for more people to file into the room. Don’t worry. These thoughts are totally normal. For some women, the more people in the labor and delivery room, the more chaos, the more commotion and the more stress.

“I don’t care who walks through these doors”
For other women, the more support, the more reassurance and the more distractions, the better. Plus, once the contractions start increasing in frequency, your mind will be less concerned about who is in the room and more focused on your contractions and the instructions your doctor gives you.

“I am so ready for this”
This moment has been in the back of your mind more or less throughout the last nine months. You’ve gone to the new parenting classes, you’re on track with your prenatal vitamins and you’ve had countless conversations with your doctor. You really are so ready for this––well as ready as you’ll ever be.

“I am so not prepared for this”
Whether this is your first or your fifth pregnancy, each labor and delivery process has its own challenges and surprises. Remember it is not your job to know what is going on the whole time. Trust your doctor, and everything will go the way it’s supposed to––whether you’re feeling prepared or not.

“This isn’t so bad”
You have your favorite T.V. show playing. You have your ice chips ready. You and your doctor are on the same page. As far as delivery day does, you’re feeling pretty good. This mindset is a great place to be. Don’t question it.

And then the contractions start getting more and more painful. If all you can think is a resounding “OW,” don’t worry. This is completely normal too.

“Is this ever going to end?”
No matter how prepared you felt going into the process, for some women, labor and delivery can seem totally overwhelming––especially if labor lasts much longer than you or your doctor anticipated. It’s normal to doubt yourself when your body is experiencing a level of pain you’ve never felt before. If all you can think about is how much longer this will last, you are not alone.

“That was so worth it”
Your baby is born, and you did it. Your newborn baby is worth it.

Your internal monologue during labor and delivery may be all over the place and your thoughts may even contradict each other at times. Remember that motherhood is an oxymoron after all, and this is only the beginning.

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