Baby Milestones To Look For In Four to Six-Month-Olds

Did you know once babies hit the four-month mark, they’re no longer considered newborns? The rate of development begins to rapidly speed up at this age, and it may seem like your baby is growing right before your eyes. In fact, by month number four, it’s very likely that your baby has doubled in weight since birth. Not to mention, your baby is becoming more alert and developmentally cognizant by the day. From improved motor skills to first teeth, here are the baby milestones you should expect in your child’s first four to six months.

Speech development
In months four through six, babies continue to make progress in their speech development and begin to understand basic sounds of their native language. While words and full speech skills take a bit longer to develop, babies start to express themselves through smiles, laughs and more pronounced babbles and coos during this time. If you listen carefully, you may hear your little one pronouncing clear vowel and consonant sounds. Additionally, they may start to recognize their name and respond to simple words, such as “no.”

First teeth
It takes a baby about three years to grow in a full set of teeth, but most little ones tend to begin to grow their first teeth around the six-month mark. Typically, the two lower front teeth are the first teeth to grow in. Some babies have no problem during the teething stage, while others experience a significant level of discomfort. When babies begin to grow teeth you may notice intense drooling that may lead to a facial rash, gum swelling, high sensitivity, fussiness or sleep problems. Don’t worry––teething doesn’t last forever!

Independent sitting
Once your baby builds strength and practices head control from tummy time, sitting unsupported, if only for seconds at a time, is the next step that will eventually lead to crawling. While the four to six month window is when most babies begin sitting for the first time, babies develop and grow at different rates, so don’t be alarmed if your little one doesn’t start sitting until around months seven, eight or nine.

Improved motor skills
During this time, you may notice your baby kicking and wiggling those little chunky arms and legs with more purpose and more often than usual. This is because babies’ motor skills continually evolve, and it’s around this time that they become more aware of their body. At around month six, your baby will likely be able to use his arms and legs to roll from the back to the tummy.

You thought the first three months were full of surprises? Think again. The milestones just keep coming. These sweet moments will be the ones you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

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