How to Prepare Your Home for a Newborn

Between finding the perfect stroller for your new mommy lifestyle and stocking up on all of the nursery room essentials you will need once the baby arrives, the to-do list for an expecting mom is seemingly never-ending. However, don’t forget that your house will soon be the first home for the newest addition to your little family, and you may need to put a little effort into baby-fying your home before your little one arrives. Afterall, your home is where all those adorable first memories take place, and your space deserves to be just as safe as it is homely in all the right ways. Here’s a checklist to make sure your home is baby-proof before your due date sneaks up on you.

Give your home a baby safety exam
Although your newborn won’t be crawling right when you return from the hospital, babies are curious and become mobile practically overnight. All of a sudden, your newborn will be exploring every nook and cranny within your little home, so make sure to give your house a thorough safety exam. Ensure your cleaning supplies, medications and sharp objects are completely out of reach, stairs are blocked off by a baby gate and latches are placed on reachable cabinets.

Deep clean all of the rooms in your house
Once the baby arrives, the free time you have to deep clean your home will be far and few between. From cleaning the carpet to dusting off and wiping down all of the surfaces in your home, use this time before the baby comes to give your home a deep clean. You can thank us later.

Double check the nursery
You have the crib set up and the rocking chair in place. The changing table is fully stocked and the closet is jam-packed with the cutest little baby jumpers for every occasion. Before you bring home your baby, make sure everything in the nursery is working properly. Check to make sure the night light, the baby camera monitor and the sound machine all work properly so the nursery is baby-ready for the first night in your home with your newborn.

Prepare for visitors
Once the baby comes home, chances are you’ll have all kinds of people asking to stop by to meet the little one. Whether your in-laws are staying at the house to help with new baby duties or your neighbors are stopping by to bring over a meal, make sure your home is ready for guests before the baby comes. Stock up on toothpaste, toothbrushes and toilet paper and put fresh sheets on the guests bed so you’re not rushing around to tidy up right before the doorbell rings.

If your due date is quickly approaching, be sure to follow this checklist so your home is baby ready before you come home from the hospital.

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