How to Prevent Picky Eaters From The Beginning

We all know that the types of food you feed your baby matter, and the age-old debate of formula feeding versus breastfeeding is just the beginning. While, at Rabbit Skip Road, we firmly believe that what’s best for one baby and family might not be best for another, we can definitely get behind preventing our little ones from growing into picky eaters at all costs. In fact, we think every baby’s diet should be just as adventurous as their personality to experience all the wonderful foods and cultures this world has to offer. Read below to learn more about how you can prevent your little one from growing into a picky eater! 

Vary the texture of food your feed your baby. 

While it may be common sense to expose your baby to different flavor profiles to ensure he or she grows into an adventurous eater, considering a food’s size and texture might not be on the radar. Consider filling your little one’s diet with foods like yogurt, applesauce, and purees in addition to incorporating chunkier stews or soups and soft, bite-sized solid food. Varying the texture of the food your feed your baby will show them at a young age that while not all foods feel the same inside the mouth, they still taste good! 

Let your little one get messy. 

Bibs are there for a reason! At mealtime, let your child explore different foods by feeling and holding what’s on their plate. In doing so, your child will learn that foods come in different sizes and feel different in their hands. For instance, let your child really get to know their plate of mashed potatoes and encourage them to hold their pretzels by the fistful. After all, parenthood is inherently messy and that’s okay! 

Set the example. 

It’s true--children want to be just like their parents, at this age anyway. The way they look up at you in awe is a feeling we wish we could bottle up and keep forever. At mealtimes, fill your plate up with foods of all different colors, shapes, sizes, and textures. We promise, your little one will want to grow up to eat just like mommy or daddy. 

Pair old favorites with new foods. 

Kids love familiarity, and the likelihood your little one will just starting eating sauteed spinach is unfortunately slim to none. Start off by slowly introducing unfamiliar foods alongside some of their favorites. This way the dinner plate is not quite as intimidating, and who knows, your child might just feel a little adventurous if their all-time favorites are there too. 

We all know babies need a variety of nutrients to grow big and strong, so be sure to try these tips out around mealtime to avoid picky eaters. You can thank us later.

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