How to Survive the First Month of Motherhood

It’s true––motherhood is a life-altering adventure. The first few days may be confusing. The days after that may be stressful. And even once you get the hang of this whole motherhood thing, the days don’t really seem to slow down. Each day may seem busier than the last, and it’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed by your new role as someone’s mommy. Don’t worry though––if you can survive the first thirty days of motherhood, you can, in fact, survive anything. Follow these tips to help you survive the first month of motherhood.

Don’t set expectations
First things first, forget about any and all expectations you have formed for yourself or your baby. You will learn quickly that motherhood is, among other things, anything but predictable. Throw comparison out of the window, and learn to get comfortable in the department of rolling with the punches. Few days, if any, will go as planned––but that’s okay. The beauty of motherhood is waltzing your way into the unknown and making the most of the mess.

Organize, organize, organize
The first few weeks of motherhood will be a lot less stressful if your house is organized and your baby supplies are stashed away in individual locations. But organizing your house with a newborn at home? Forget about it. Spend the weeks leading up to your due date making sure your house is organized and equipped to make your first month as a mother as easy as it can be. Stock up on diapers in the nursery. Load up on bottles and formula in the kitchen if your bottle feeding. Be sure to purchase enough paper towels ahead of time because believe us when we say there will be messes.

Establish a schedule
The sooner you get back into a routine, the easier your days will seem. However, in order for you to get back on a routine, your little one has to as well. Establish a bathing, feeding, playing and sleeping routine as soon as you can. Consistency is key for a happier baby and a happier mommy.

Find the right baby products for your lifestyle
There are all kinds of baby products out there that are designed to make motherhood easier. Whether it’s a specially designed one-zip Magic Jumper or a breast milk storage container, find the baby products that will make your days easier. From time savers to quick solutions, there’s something out there for almost anything you need.

Accept the help offered to you
Once you and your baby are all settled into your new home, people will start calling, visiting and offering all kinds of help. However, accepting help from others can be challenging because there may be a part of you that wants to do the whole motherhood thing all on your own. Parenting has rather challenging days, so let the neighbor watch your baby while you step out to run errands and tell your friend you would love that pre-prepped, homemade dinner she’s been offering you. There is no shame in the motherhood game.

The first month of motherhood is full of all kinds of surprises. Follow these tips to ease into your new life as a mommy as smoothly as possible.

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