Reasons You Should Wear Organic Cotton

Imagine your life without cotton. Chances are, you can’t. Products like your cotton sheets, your favorite cotton t-shirts and your baby’s comfiest jumpers are made with this coveted fiber. So wouldn’t it make sense to only buy essentials made with the highest quality cotton? When it comes to cotton products, organic is the best route to take. At Rabbit Skip Road, we know that the materials your clothes are made of matters. Here are five reasons you should wear organic cotton.

Organic cotton is better for the environment
Organic cotton must be grown without treatment from harmful pesticides, chemical fertilizers or any other toxins for at least three years to be considered 100% organic. Accordingly, the soil the cotton is grown in and the surrounding water sources remain healthier, safer and cleaner. When the toxin levels diminish significantly over time, the impact of our environmental footprint reduces as well.

Organic cotton is better for you
Not only is organic cotton pesticide and chemical-free, but it’s also treated without the use of harmful dyes or cleansers. Because of the lack of chemicals and toxins used in the farming, manufacturing and production process, organic cotton is better for sensitive skin and people with allergies, and it’s the safest option for babies and young children. 

Organic cotton is better for farmers, workers and producers
Exposure to pesticides and chemical fertilizers can compromise the health and wellbeing of the workers involved in the production of conventional cotton products. Products made with organic cotton are required to adhere to strict manufacturing principles that limit the use of pesticides and fertilizers. The absence of such chemicals and toxins create a much safer and cleaner work environment for the farmers, workers and producers who manufacture it.

Organic cotton is a higher quality material
Not only is organic cotton a healthier and safer option for the environment, farmers, workers and consumers, it’s also handpicked instead of machine-picked in most developed countries. Handpicked cotton results in longer and stronger fibers than those picked by a machine and prone to breakage. Accordingly, products made with handpicked cotton create a much softer, longer-lasting and higher quality product than those made with machine-picked cotton.

When it comes to cotton, organic is the best way to go for the production process, our world, our babies and ourselves. That’s why Rabbit Skip Road only creates products made with the best organics. The Rabbit Skip Road Jumper is your baby’s essential onesie for playdates, naptime and every adventure in between because it’s made with the best organically grown materials, so you can skip the fuss and get right to the good stuff. 

Looking for the best baby pajamas for your little one? Look no further, mama. Rabbit Skip Road offers a collection of the best baby organics that makes changing easier and the moments sweeter.

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