Supermom Tales: 5 Staples You Need to Invest In During Pregnancy

An expecting mom’s body goes through all kinds of changes during pregnancy. And while the way a woman’s body adapts to these changes to nurture a baby over these nine months is beautiful, it’s not always comfortable. But good news! There are plenty of ways out there to make sure these next 40 weeks are as comfortable as they can be. Here are 5 maternity-certified things you should invest in to take care of your baby bump and make sure you feel your best throughout your pregnancy.

Quality maternity clothes
During pregnancy, your body grows at an alarming rate, and you’ll want clothes that stretch along with your belly. Instead of purchasing maternity clothes for every occasion, start with just the basics. Invest in a few bump-friendly, ultra-comfy staples to get you through these nine months in comfort and in style.

Comfortable shoes
Making sure you have comfortable clothes for pregnancy may be a no-brainer, but it’s just as important to invest in a pair of comfortable shoes to support your changing body as well. Many women may experience ankle and joint pains during pregnancy, so having supportive, comfortable shoes can be a serious game changer.

Body pillow
When you’re not in your shoes, you’re in your bed, so it’s a good idea to invest in both. A body pillow is just what an expecting mom needs to sleep well without the tossing and turning. Make sure you get your beauty sleep while you can because once your little one is here, your restful nights will be few and far between.

Prenatal fitness class
Staying fit during pregnancy is important to keep mommy and baby happy and healthy during pregnancy and after childbirth. Every pregnancy is different, so invest in a fitness class that works for you. Signing up for a prenatal fitness class is just what you need for a good workout that keeps you and your baby safe during pregnancy.

Belly cream
Stretch marks are almost impossible to avoid when your belly is growing at the same rate as your baby. Invest in some belly cream, lotion or oil to moisturize your tummy, soothe an itchy, dry belly and treat stretch marks. When picking a belly cream to use during your pregnancy, be sure to lather up with a lotion that’s safe for you and your baby.

Pregnancy can make your body feel all sorts of out of whack, but invest in these pregnancy staples to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible from the first trimester all the way to the last one.

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