Supermom Tales: The Ultimate Diaper Bag Packing List

Welcome to motherhood––the mystical land where your free time is determined by the biological clock of an infant and your staple accessory is a diaper bag. In the early months of motherhood, you will quickly discover that the diaper bag is no ordinary bag. In fact, it doubles as a motherhood survival kit with its various-sized pockets and hidden compartments. The different slots and chambers are designed to make the new mom’s life a little bit easier. It's equipped to hold formula bottles in place, to keep diapers ready for a day’s worth of accidents and to store a pacifier in anticipation for the afternoon meltdown. Packing a diaper bag is both a science and an art, so here is the ultimate diaper bag checklist for all the mommy essentials to make motherhood a little easier on the go.

First things first, no one wants to travel anywhere with a messy baby––hence, where the diaper bag got its name. A good rule of thumb is to pack a diaper for every two hours you’ll be out of the house––and an extra diaper for good luck. New moms learn quickly that it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Baby wipes help with dirty diapers, sticky fingers and messy surfaces, and these everyday lifesavers easily earn their spot onto the diaper bag essentials checklist. Make sure your baby wipes are stocked before you walk out the door––you can thank us later.

Changing pad
Some diaper bags come with a reusable changing pad packed snuggly into a specific compartment. If your diaper bag doesn’t come with a reusable changing pad, be sure to purchase one separately or pack a dish towel for changing diapers on the go.

Hand sanitizer
Hand sanitizer is a must to keep you and your baby clean and germ-free. Pack a bottle of hand sanitizer to keep your hands and your baby’s hands clean when there’s no sink available to wash them.

Whether your baby is breastfeeding or formula feeding, you won’t regret preparing a bottle or two for your outing. Have a bottle prepared and ready to avoid the feeding-time meltdown.

Burping cloths
With feeding time, comes burping time. Oh, the joys of motherhood! Pack a burping cloth or two in your diaper bag, so you’re prepared when the time comes for those post-bottle spit-ups.   

Empty bags
Change the baby’s diaper? Check. But now what do you do with the dirty diaper if you’re out and about? If you don’t have access to a garbage can, dispose the soiled diaper into an empty plastic bag until you find a garbage can.

You would never guess how much you need a blanket until your a busy new mom toting your newborn around for the day. Blankets are your saving grace when it comes to nap time, breastfeeding in public and colder weather.

A wailing baby can instantly make running errands, grabbing lunch with a co-worker or visiting a friend an impossible task. Bring a pacifier along in your diaper bag for those impossible moments to keep your baby and your ears happy.

A newborn’s skin is the most sensitive it will ever be to the sun. If you and your baby are spending hours outside, make sure to pack enough sunscreen to re-apply multiple times to keep your baby protected from the sun’s rays.

Change of clothes
In case of a serious accident, pack a change of clothes. You never know when they’re coming, but the most serious accidents happen at what seems like the most inconvenient times. Pack an extra baby onesie for the messiest moments.

Pack your diaper bag with all of the essentials to avoid the on-the-go catastrophes and make outings with your newborn a breeze. This ultimate diaper bag packing list will make new motherhood look and feel easy.  

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