Things No One Tells You About Your First Year of Motherhood

In this technology-driven society, there is no shortage of mommy guides and bloggers populating various corners of the internet. There are all kinds of tips and tricks out there to inform expecting mothers on how to be the most prepared new mom around, but no one tells you about the best-kept parenting secrets that happen in the first year of motherhood. From the grossest moments to the sweetest memories, your baby’s first year is full of all kinds of surprises. Here are five things no one tells you about your first year of motherhood.

Poop is a hot topic of conversation
Conversations about the color of poop, the smell of poop and your newborn’s pooping patterns are suddenly a daily occurrence. Nothing is more astonishing than witnessing how much poop a little human is capable of producing. In fact, you will find yourself more concerned about poop than you have ever been in your entire life. And the most surprising part? You won’t even think twice about it.

You will feel an unspoken connection with other moms
Welcome to the elite club of motherhood. Whether you’re out grocery shopping while juggling a newborn, trying not to cause a scene in a restaurant with a fussy baby or sitting at a red light between errands attempting to keep an eye on your little one, you will find yourself making eye contact with other moms who totally get it. There will be countless instances where you will find yourself exchanging sympathetic glances with complete strangers that seem to say “I’ve been there, and I feel you.”

The word “messy” is re-defined
You never really know what messy is until you enter motherhood. From poopy diapers to dirty bibs, motherhood is an ongoing episode of one messy adventure after the next. From the moment you experience your first diaper change catastrophe, the word “messy” will take on an entirely new meaning and will remain redefined forever.

Mothering is the most unnatural natural thing in the world
Motherhood is an oxymoron at best. On one hand, the mother’s instinct is the most natural thing in the world. On the other hand, navigating these unknown waters can be the most confusing thing you’ll ever do. For starters, breastfeeding is not always as easy and natural as the experts make it seem in those motherhood handbooks. Expect motherhood to be messy, confusing and, above all, the most unnatural natural thing in the world. Don’t worry––you’ll catch on!

The dynamics shift
A newborn means that suddenly every decision you make now involves, affects and, consequently, revolves around someone else. Your priorities shift, your relationships change and your mentality towards life now includes your little one. Nothing is the same, but everything is more beautiful. Motherhood shifts all the pre-established dynamics in your life in all the right ways.

You can read as many how-to guides that you can get your hands on, but no one explains the new meaning poop takes on in your life or how a shared glance with a fellow mom can make you feel like you’re doing this whole motherhood thing right. You will learn all kinds of lessons in the first year of motherhood that no one could teach you except your newborn––and that’s the real beauty of it all.

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