3 Baby-Approved Activities to Stay Entertained Amidst a Global Pandemic

Though the coronavirus has swept across the world for months now, it’s essential to keep in mind that we’re still living in the midst of a global pandemic, and keeping our little ones safe and healthy is our number one priority. We get it--day number 504 of social distancing can be tough, to put it lightly. In a time when your family has already completed every puzzle, read every book, and watched every movie, it can be difficult to find socially distant activities to keep your little one happy and busy. Look no further, mama. Below we’ve gathered some new ideas to keep your tiny tot entertained when you haven’t left the house in months. 

Get Creative Outside

If there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that stir-craziness is not a myth. And for those who have been quarantining for a while now, you’re well aware that access to a sunny backyard in this weather is a mom’s best friend. Instead of just going outside for the usual afternoon playtime, keep things interesting, and use your backyard for some summertime creativity. Build a campfire with songs and s’mores, pick flowers for a kitchen table bouquet, build a garden for some fresh summertime meals, or have a picnic with all the best snacks. Better yet, do all of the above--your options are limitless.

Build a Fort

There is something absolutely magical about building a fort as a kid. Plus, a fort transforms the same living room you’ve been watching movies in for months into a make-believe land--even if just for a few hours. An extra bonus of fort-building? It’s conducive to so many other activities. After the blankets are properly hung from every nook and cranny, host storytime with flashlights or have a movie night complete with popcorn galore! 

Throw a Party

Everyone loves an excuse to throw a party, and while this moment does not prime itself for real party invitations to hit mailboxes, a DIY party is fair game. Spice things up and throw a themed party for your little family because why not? Not Halloween yet? Who cares--we love an opportunity to play dress-up! Valentine’s Day in the summer? Let’s celebrate love year-round! We encourage costumes, sweets, music, dancing, and decorations, of course. 

This time is challenging for everyone, but especially for all the new mamas out there. We believe in you because we know there’s a reason why motherhood is only cut out for the most heroic among us. Share your favorite socially distant activities and tag us on social--we can all use a little more inspiration. And if you must venture out of your home, please stay masked-up and sanitized! 

Whichever ways you choose to stay busy these days, make sure your little one stays comfy and cute in our Rabbit Skip Road Jumpers. Our mommy-and-baby-approved onesie is your little one’s essential garment for playdates, naptime, and every adventure in between. 

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