We Just Dropped Our Spring 2021 Line: Check Out Our Newest Prints

Rabbit Skip Road is back and cuter than ever. Designed with the same padded two-way zipper, convertible foot cuffs, the highest quality fabrics, and eco-friendly materials, our second line of baby jumpers are sure to be the perfect addition to your little one’s closet or the baby gift that every mama will love for all your showers this season. We know there’s nothing snugglier than your tiny tot decked out in the cutest prints. You’ll love this line just as much as we do! Pinky promise.


Calling all tiny terrestrials! This Rabbit Skip Road original will take any imagination right back to the land before time. Designed in earthy greens and the lightest shades of blues, this 100% organic cotton baby jumper is the perfect outfit for backyard playtime or a story before bed. You never knew how cute your little one could look decked out in dinos until now. 

Good Night, Moon 

We know you love your babe to the Milky Way and back a million times over, and the celestial sky has never looked more adorable. Rabbit Skip Road’s dreamy pattern of stars, suns, and moons is prime for bedtime cuddles and good morning kisses. Detailed with the lightest shades of every color you find in the sky, this organic and sustainable baby jumper is essential for all the little daydreamers out there. 

Butterfly Kisses

There’s nothing sweeter than cuddles with your little one, and it only gets better when they’re all snuggled up in this print. Reminiscent of the bright colors found in deep gardens and magical meadows, Rabbit Skip Road’s Butterfly Kisses pattern is the go-to outfit for flower-picking and butterfly-watching on the sunniest days. 

Doggy Days

We don’t call them man’s best friend for nothing. There’s nothing sweeter than witnessing our tiniest and our furriest family members become fast friends, so Rabbit Skip Road designed our Doggy Days pattern as an homage to the bond between a dog and a baby. Dress your babe in this print for a day in the park or a dog walk around the block--the star of the show will be up for debate. 

To the Rescue! 

Someone call 911 because we can’t handle this cuteness. This 100% organic cotton baby clothes pattern is a necessity in your emergency diaper bag. Both a timeless classic and a childhood favorite, Rabbit Skip Road’s To the Rescue! Jumper is sure to save the day. 


Reminiscent of a magical carousel at the summer fair, this whimsical print is the ultimate childhood staple for every adventure childhood holds. Rabbit Skip Road’s carousel horse pattern features the perfect mix of purples, yellows, and pinks and reminds us all of how sweet these moments are. Enjoy the ride! 

Rabbit Skip Road’s newest collection of baby prints provides parents and babies everywhere with a pattern they’ll love. Plus, when it comes to shopping for 100% organic cotton baby clothes, the Rabbit Skip Road Jumper checks all the boxes. 

Looking for the best organic baby clothes for your little one? Look no further. Rabbit Skip Road offers the best baby organics to make changing easier and the moments sweeter. Shop our collection of the cutest baby prints you can find. The Rabbit Skip Road Jumper is your baby’s essential onesie for playdates, naptime, and every adventure in between. Our babywear is made with only the best materials, so you can skip the fuss and get right to the good stuff.

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