7 Things A New Mom Actually Wants to Hear

Whether you simply know a new mom, are a new mom yourself, or have been dominating motherhood for what feels like centuries, the perfect words always seem to escape us when it really matters. Feeling awkward just thinking about it? Not to worry--we’ve put together a thoughtful list of words and ideas that all new moms would love to hear. Check them out below!

“You’re doing an awesome job”
Being a new mom can be hectic--it can be easy to lose sight of priorities or let confidence dwindle. She may find herself asking, “am I even doing this right?” A simple reminder that, “hey, you’re doing amazing,” can go a long way. Yes, her world just got turned upside down, but the baby is happy, healthy, and asleep, and she’s doing an awesome job, so tell her. 

“I’m here to clean your house”
A newborn can often dictate a daily routine, and finding the time to keep the house up to Marie Kondo’s standard can be difficult. Offering to pick up her home allows her to focus on the top-priority with a clear head and reduced stress, which makes for a happy mommy and a healthy baby. 

“I want to come over and help with whatever needs doing”
Just as she may not have time for cleaning as a new mom, she may also find it difficult to allocate time to regular daily tasks or appointments, at least until she gets into the swing of things. Chores like walking the dog, checking the mail, shopping for groceries, watering the plants, or renewing your vehicle tags immediately take a back seat on the priority list. An eager helping hand is absolutely invaluable for new moms and is always greatly appreciated. 

“Kick me out whenever you want”
It’s important that, as a new mom, she gets her privacy whenever desired. By acknowledging that it might be possible that a guest is only making things more challenging for her, it alleviates the awkward feeling of obligation to entertain company while preparing bottles of breast milk. It lets her know that you won’t be offended if you’re told to leave.  

“Can I steal you for a quick dinner/coffee?”
As a new mom, and especially a first-time mom, she may struggle to find the time to socialize or catch up with a friend.  Joining a friend for dinner or even just a quick latte can feel like an entire vacation to a new mom. It helps her take a breather and remember that coffee is good, food is good, and life is great.   

“Is this gift okay?”
Everyone loves to bring gifts for the new baby, but she may find herself up to her knees in pacifiers while the diaper supply is running low. Check with Mom to ensure that you’re bringing a helpful gift and not just something that looks cute. Also, bring a gift for the new mom every once in a while--she deserves it, too.  

“I brought you food (wine)”
Speaking of gifts, just bring food. Or wine. Nothing shows love and support like preparing a meal for a new mom. If you can’t cook, pick up some fantastic takeout, show up before dinnertime, wash your hands, and hold the baby. This provides the home-cooked meal type of happiness without the hectic preparation. New moms everywhere will write songs about you. 

Becoming a mom isn’t always a walk in the park. But if those around her know what she’d like to hear or what she’d like help with, it can make a world of difference. 

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