Baby Products That Make Motherhood Easier

Motherhood comes with all kinds of challenges, mistakes and messes. But no matter what struggles you come across on this new journey, remember that motherhood isn’t meant to be easy--it’s meant to be worth it. However, believe it or not, there are products out there that can ease some of the stress of new parenthood. From time savers to quick solutions, there are all kinds of baby products to make your days just a little bit easier and your baby a little happier. We know that a happy baby makes for a happy mommy––that’s why we gathered five baby products to make your baby happier and motherhood easier.

One-zip Magic Jumpers
We know no one likes wrangling with fussy baby clothes, so we created a Magic Jumper to make dressing your baby a breeze. Made with comfortable fabric, adorable patterns, and an easy one-zip feature, The Rabbit Skip Road Magic Jumper is specifically designed to make dressing and undressing as easy as possible.

A nursing stool
Finding the right breastfeeding position can be frustratingly difficult. A nursing stool can help you position your baby at a more comfortable angle for both mommy and baby. These footstools help you find the right nursing position and a proper latch by lifting your lap to hold your baby closer to your breasts and relieving any back or neck tension.

A sleep sack
Sleeping with loose blankets can be dangerous for newborns because they can become tangled during sleeping times and potentially block your baby’s airway. Instead of swaddling your baby in a blanket, a sleep sack is a simple solution to keep your baby warm and comfortable during nap times without all the fuss.

Breast milk storage containers
Revolving your life around a hungry baby and breastfeeding schedules is a lot harder than you’d think. Invest in some breast milk storage containers, so you can pump even when your baby isn’t hungry. Next time you have a cranky baby on your hands but no time to sit down and breastfeed, you’ll have healthy breast milk ready to go!

A baby carrier
We know the to-do list as a new mom is unending, that’s why we officially named mothers as the world’s ultimate multitaskers. A baby carrier is every busy mom’s lifesaver so you can do the laundry, cook dinner, or take notes on a conference call--all while holding your baby.

We know these first few months can be difficult, but these baby products can make motherhood feel a little bit easier.

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