Flying With Children: The Ultimate Guide

If you have a newborn, it may be difficult to even think about getting back into a regular routine--let alone finding the time and the mental capacity to plan and take off on a trip with your little ones in tow. Think about it--arriving at the airport on time and stress-free with your suitcases, your carry-ons, your diaper bag, and of course your well-behaved, no-problem kids filing right behind you. Seems impossible right? Well, you must have forgotten about your superhuman powers because nothing is impossible when you’re a mom. We gathered the most important traveling reminders when it comes to flying with children. Read them below!

Timing is everything
When you have a newborn or multiple young children traveling with you, getting your ducks in a row can take a bit longer than expected. Factor in time for an impromptu diaper change, the unexpected (or expected) temper tantrum, and of course enough time for things not to go as you anticipated--because let’s be honest, things never go as you expect them to. Even if you think you’re leaving early enough, consider adding an extra time cushion because you never know when you’ll need it. You know what they say--it’s better to be safe than sorry.   

Your seat location can make a difference
We know how easy it is to throw in 8 shirts for a 3-day trip--you have to be prepared in the off-chance you spill your coffee every morning and need another outfit option. We get it, but trust us on this one. Pack as light as possible because, between diaper bags and strollers, you’ll already have enough items to lug through the airport as it is. Plus, if you do happen to spill on your shirt while you’re away, you’re a mom, and everyone knows motherhood is inherently messy.

A bag full of goodies is your best friend
Thinking you can make it through an entire day of travel without a go-to bag? Think again. Although packing lightly is a must when traveling with children, bringing along a bag of necessities is non-negotiable. You will need a bag full of toys, pacifiers, snacks, diapers, bottles, distractions, lotions, and wipes--just to name a few.

Convinced you have to kiss your air travels goodbye when you have a newborn? Don’t underestimate yourself, Mama Bird. With these tips, you’ll be jet-setting in no time.

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