How to Feel More Prepared for A Newborn

Babyproof the home? Check. Prepare the nursery? Check. Purchase the necessities for the ultimate diaper bag? Check. There are endless ways to physically prepare your home and your family for the arrival of your baby boy or girl, but sometimes it can be difficult to actually feel more prepared for your newborn. Take a deep breath--you got this, you really do. And when you seem to lack some confidence when it comes to your role as a new parent, here are a few tips to help you mentally and emotionally prepare for your little one’s arrival.

Take it day by day
We know it’s easier said than done, but try to address your concerns and worries one day at a time. You may often get wrapped up in your thoughts about how you’re going to balance all the acts of motherhood, but try not to drive yourself crazy. The best moms learn a little more about motherhood every day.

Talk to moms of younger children
If you’re feeling a little discouraged about your new role as a mom, don’t worry. You’re not the only one who has felt this way. Talk to any of the seasoned moms you know in your life about the questions or worries that may be racing through your mind. There is no shame in reaching out to other moms to ask about the expected and unexpected challenges of motherhood. They get it--they’ve been there.

Take your mind off your worries
Read a book, take a painting class, or go on a walk around the neighborhood. There’s only so much you can do to prepare for a newborn’s arrival. At some point, you just need to live your life and enjoy these sweet moments of pregnancy.

Cut yourself some slack
Everyone has doubts from time to time. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re doubting yourself or your ability to love and raise a child. Your worries aren’t a reflection of yourself as a parent. 

Bringing a new member into your family is one of the most monumental times you will experience, and it’s totally normal to feel a bit uncertain about your parenting ability every now and then. Plus, between the new parenting classes and the unending shopping trips, we know the pre-birth to-do list seems a little daunting. Don’t worry--you’re doing just fine. Use these tips to feel more emotionally and mentally prepared for motherhood.

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