Weird Things That Happen To You Once You Become a Mom

Anticipating your newborn’s arrival? We get it. A due date on the horizon is one of life’s most thrilling adventures and for good reason. A new baby brings all kinds of joy, laughter and surprises into your life, and the only preparation for each new day is the one before it. So buckle up––motherhood is a wild ride. Your little one is about to change your life in all the best ways, but a newborn can change your life in all the weirdest ways too. Here are some of the most bizarre things that happen once you become a mom.

You might experience mommy brain
Mommy brain is a real thing. It’s normal to feel a little sluggish after you give birth due to the exhausting combination of a rush of hormones mixed with your new responsibilities as a mom and lack of sleep. Not to mention, motherhood requires part of your brain power at all times, so it’s totally normal if your head seems a little spacey some days and you can’t seem to remember where you left your car keys this time. Try not to get frustrated with yourself. Mommy brain happens to more women than you would think. You are raising another human after all, and that’s a feat in itself. Remember, if motherhood were easy, everyone would do it.

Your taste buds might change
The hormones in early pregnancy can change the way certain things taste and smell. A certain perfume you used to wear on your girls’ nights out may no longer smell the same to you. In a similar respect, you may discover that you associate certain foods with morning sickness. Don’t be surprised if your tastes start to change. It happens. Plus, you may find that you’ll start to love the smells or foods you used to not be able to stand. You know your whole life changes once you become a mom, but who knew your tastes can change too?

Your sense of time is altered
Time flies when you’re having fun, right? Right. But time also flies when you’re so busy you can’t remember the last time you sat down to breathe. Motherhood can flash right before your eyes, and before you know it, your newborn becomes a toddler, your toddler turns into a chatty seven-year-old, and then all of a sudden you have a teenager on your hands. Once you become a mom, your sense of time shifts, and life seems to fly at 100 mph. Don’t let this altered sense of time scare you, though. Take in the sweet moments as they come.

Sure, motherhood means your days are now scheduled out around feeding times, nap times and bath times, but motherhood also means your life changes in some of the weirdest ways you never expected.

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