What Is Organic Cotton?

The Rabbit Skip Road Jumper is made from 100% organic cotton so you can feel good about what your baby wears. Why should you dress your little one in all organic materials? Simply put, organic cotton is a purer, safer, softer and higher quality material than its non-organic alternative. Wondering what sets products made from all-organic cotton apart from those made with conventional cotton? Well, it means something different to the consumer, the farmer, the manufacturer and the environment. Read on to find out.

Organic Cotton for the Consumer
100% organic cotton is handpicked and farmed without the use of pesticides and other chemicals. The result? Cotton that is much stronger, more durable and softer than conventional cotton. Accordingly, consumers who invest in garments made with 100% organic cotton receive a product that is longer lasting and softer than clothes made from non-organic cotton.

Organic Cotton for the Worker
Because organic cotton is grown without the use of any chemical fertilizers or pesticides, the amount of toxins farmers and manufacturers are exposed to substantially decreases. Accordingly, the harvesting and manufacturing conditions are much safer for the workers who assemble 100% organic cotton products. Additionally, harmful chemicals stay out of the air and the surrounding water sources to create a much healthier environment for the farmer’s wellbeing and those who live near cotton crops.

Organic Cotton for the Environment
Crops that are grown using 100% organic techniques make a massive impact on the environment and significantly reduce our environmental footprint. The soil these crops are farmed in must be free of pesticides and fertilizers for three years in order for them to be considered 100% organic. Accordingly, the soil used in these fields are safer and healthier for the environment because they remain toxin-free. Additionally, the water surrounding the area is cleaner.

Supporting, wearing and purchasing products made with 100% organically grown cotton really is a win-win situation all around. That's why all of our products at Rabbit Skip Road are GOTS certified.

Looking for newborn clothes or organic baby pajamas with feet? Look no further, mama. Rabbit Skip Road offers a collection of the best baby organics that makes changing easier and the moments sweeter.

The Rabbit Skip Road Jumper is your baby’s essential onesie for playdates, naptime and every adventure in between because it’s made with only the best organically grown materials, so you can skip the fuss and get right to the good stuff.

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