Your Pregnant Body: What You Need to Know

You just found out you’re pregnant. First things first, a big fat, pregnant belly-sized congratulations to you! Here at Rabbit Skip Road, we think that’s a really big, beautiful deal. Pregnancy and motherhood are two of the most exciting parts of life. There’s so much to learn, so many memories to be made, and so many moments you won’t trade for anything. Before you get a head start on preparing your home and your life for your baby, make sure you learn all about your pregnant body and what you should expect in the next nine months.

Sore boobs are normal
The sensitivity in your boobs might be one of the first changes you notice when you become pregnant because your body immediately starts preparing for your motherhood duties down the road. Your breast will receive extra blood flow and increased fat production especially in the first few weeks of pregnancy because baby milk has to come from somewhere right?

Your sense of smell can change
You may already know that the increase of hormones in early pregnancy can lead to a change in taste buds, but it can also heighten your sense of smell. Don’t be alarmed if all of a sudden you can detect a coworker’s B.O. from across the office--it’s just one of the many supermom powers.

Drool isn’t just for babies
Extra saliva production is a common pregnancy symptom for some women and non-existent for others. Although there’s no direct explanation for it, don’t freak out if you notice more spit in your mouth than normal--you’re not the only one.

Your skin goes through a lot
Pregnancy can make all kinds of things happen to your skin. From stretch marks to itchy skin, you might notice some changes in the next few months. The good news is all kinds of pregnancy moisturizers exist that are loaded up with vitamin E to soothe your skin out.

Acne might make a comeback
Unfortunately, you might not have left acne in high school. Many moms-to-be report breakouts due to the increase in hormones during pregnancy. When looking for effective treatments and face cleanses, be sure to check the ingredients and make sure it is safe to use for pregnant women. There are multiple companies out there that formulate face washes specifically for those pregnancy zits.

Your feet could grow
All of your sudden your shoes don’t fit the same way they did before pregnancy? Fear not--this is normal. Your body retains more fluids when you’re pregnant which can cause your feet to swell. Some women even permanently go up a shoe size as a result of pregnancy!

It’s important to remember that pregnancy is different for everyone, and although serious changes happen to your body, it’s nothing you can’t handle. Sometimes, these bodily changes might make you feel less than gorgeous--to put it lightly. However, although you might not always feel like you look good, trust us when we say there is nothing more beautiful than that pregnancy glow.

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